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Austin A40 Cambridge (GS5) & A50 Cambridge (HS5)         

1954 – 1956/7

  • The Austin A40 & A50 Cambridges were introduced in September 1954 as a  replacement to the A40 Somerset.
  • The Cambridge was the first mid-range Austin to go chassieless.
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Austin A90 Six Westminster (BS4)                    

1954 – 1956

  • The Westminster looks the same as the Cambridge, only the doors were interchangable.
  • The A90 Six was announced as a last minute replacement for the A70 Hereford.
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The Duke Of Edinburghs Visits To Longbridge

December 1955  

  • During a visit to the Longbridge factory by the Duke Of Edinburgh. The Duke said to Sir Leonard Lord ‘Sir Leonard, I think you ought to have another look at things because I’m not sure they’re up to foreign competition.
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The Austin 105 Six (BS5)

May 1956 – October 1956 

  • The Austin 105 Six (BS5) was a sportier version of the A90 with twin SU carburettors and a new gallery type mainfold.
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The Half Ton Pick Up & Van 

1956 – 1973

  • The ½ ton van is based on the Cambridge body styling and replaced the earlier A40 somerset style.
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Austin A95 (BS6), Austin 105 (BS7) & Vanden Plas (BS8)
1956 – 1959

  • At the 1956 motorshow, BMC announced the A95 and A105 which were not new models but facelifted A90 & A105.
  • In 1957 Sir Leonard Lord the chairman of BMC had an A105 specifically trimmed by Vanden Plas for personal use. He was so pleased with the result that in 1958 he ordered for 500 cars to have the same treatment.
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Austin A55 Cambridge (HS6) 

February 1957 – December 1958

  • Similar to the new A95 and A105 the A55 Cambridge was not a new model but an updated version of the A50 Cambridge.
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BMC 4 cylinder Farinas (ADO 9)

(Austin Drawing Offices)

December 1958 – October 1961

  • The Wolseley 15/60 was the first of the badge engineered cars of BMC, which was based on the chassis and mechanics of the earlier A55 Cambridges
  • This was followed by the Austin A55 MK11 in January 1959
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BMC 6 cylinder Farinas (ADO 10) 

Princess 3 litre (ADO 37)

1959 – October 1961

  • The new 6-cylinder cars of BMC launched in 1959 followed the farina styling of the 4-cylinder models but without such prominent rear fins.
  • The Wolseley 6/99 was exactly the same car as the A99 Westminster except that the interior was more up-market with walnut veneers and the front end had the Wolseley grille with illuminated Wolseley badge and front fog lamps and different bonnet.
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 4 Cylinder Farina facelift (ADO 38) 

1961 – 1971

  • The new 4-cylinder farina range now sported the 1622cc engine first designed in Australia as well the longer wheelbase which increased by 1.1inches.
  • The front and rear track was increased and anti-roll bars added.
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6 Cylinder Farina Facelift (ADO 53)

1961 – 1968

  • As with its 4-cylinder cousins the 6-cylinder farina range had a facelift in October 1961.
  • The A99 now became the A110 Westminster, Wolseley 6/110 and the Vanden Plas Princess 3 Litre MK II.
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Austin/Morris Freeway & Wolseley 24/80 (ADO 40)

1962 – 1965

  • The Austin/Morris Freeway and Wolseley 24/80 were based on the A60 and Wolseley 15/60 that were designed in the UK
  • Due to the demand for cars with a 6-cylinder engine in Australia and with fierce competition from the Ford Falcon and Holden BMC Australia developed the Bluesteak engine
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Vanden Plas 4 Litre R (ADO 66) 

1964 – 1968

  • It was felt by BMC management that a more prestigious car was needed to compete with the Jaguar MK X and Rover P5 3 Litre.
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