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Austin A40 Cambridge (GS5) & A50 Cambridge (HS5)

The Austin A40 (1200cc) & A50(1489cc) a new model for Austin were introduced in September 1954 as the replacement to the A40 Somerset. It was a completely B.M.C. designed car and had no resemblance to its predecessor, and looked more like the new A90 Westminster. A de-luxe version was on offer with extra chrome and leather seats.



Austin A40 Cambridge Specification:

Produced: Longbridge, 1954-57,  30,666 built.

Layout: Pressed-steel unit-construction in 4-seater, 4-door saloon style with body/chassis structure with front mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Engine and Transmission: B.M.C. B-Series engine.

4-cylinder ohv, in-line. 1200cc, 65.48 x 88.9mm, 42bhp at 4,500rpm; 58lb ft at 2,400rpm. 4 speed gearbox with no synchromesh on first gear; steering column gear change; live (beam) rear axle with hypoid-bevel final drive.

Chassis: Independent front suspension, coil springs and wishbones. Cam and peg steering. Rear suspension by half-elliptic leaf springs and anti-role bar. Front and rear drum brakes. 560 – 15in tyres.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 8ft 3.25in: front track 4ft 0.5in; rear track 4ft 1in: length 13ft 6.25in: width 5ft 1.5in; height 5ft 1.5in. Unladen weight (approx.) 2,248 lbs.

Price when introduced: £664 (standard)

£707 (de-luxe)

The Cambridge was the first mid- range Austin to go chassisless and had a non-Austin radiator grille. It was going to have a two door option on the A40, but this was dropped before the cars went into production and any prototypes were scraped or converted to four door saloons. The A40 engine was a slightly under-bored version of the new B-Series unit and produced 42bhp. The transmissionwas a four-speed column change gearbox with a new hypoid-bevel back axle and up rated suspension. The cars also had a larger boot compared to the earlier Somerset.

Early models had drop down windows and the fuel filler was housed in the boot, but due to complaints from customers, wind-up windows and external fuel filler were added in early 1955. 

In 1954 Nissan of Yokohama, made the A50 Cambridge under licence and made an estate version and added chrome from the Westminster to the body.In 1956 the A40 Cambridge was dropped in favour of the more successful A50.

Austin A50 Cambridge Specification:

Produced: Longbridge, 1954-57,  114,867 built.

Engine and Transmission: 1,489cc, 73.025 x 88.9mm, 50bhp at 4,400rpm; 74lb ft at 2,100rpm. Optional overdrive (top, 3rd and 2nd gears) from early 1956, 2-pedal Manumatic transmission optional from late 1956

Chassis: From autumn 1956 5.90 – 13in tyres.

0-60mph. 28.8sec; standing ¼-mile 23.2sec; overall fuel consumption 28mpg.Typical performance: Maximum speed 74mph; 

Price when introduced: £678 (standard)

£721 (de-luxe)

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