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Austin A90 Six Westminster (BS4)

Although the Westminster looks the same as the Cambridge, only the doors are interchangeable.

The A90 Six was announced as a last-minute replacement for the A70 Hereford. It also replaced the Austin A90 Atlantic which was discontinued two years earlier. The Westminster was given the designation A90 Six to differentiate it from the A90 designation used on the Atlantic. 

The Austin A90 Six was in direct competition with the Morris Isis, with which it shared the engine. The C-Series engine was developed by Morris Engines at Coventry and was fitted with a single Zenith downdraft carburettor creating 85bhp and based on the B-Series engine. The running gear was a development used on the A70/A90 with the addition of an anti-roll bar that stiffened the rear end.

In 1955, Richard Pape, a war-hero and writer, drove two A90s from North Cape at the top of Norway to cape Town, South Africa, the first time it was completed. The first A90 crashed in Norway but the Austin agent in Oslo provided another.

An A90 was one of five BMC cars to put 100 miles into one hour each at Montlhéry in 1955.

Austin A90 Six Westminster Specification:

Produced: Longbridge, 1954 – 56,  25,532 built.

Layout: Pressed-steel unit construction in 4-seater, 4-door saloon style with body/chassis structure with front-mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Engine and Transmission: B.M.C. C-Series engine.

6-cylinder, ohv, in-line. 2,639cc, 79.4 x 88.9mm, 85bhp at 4,000rpm; 124lb ft at 2,000rpm; 4-speed gearbox with no syncromesh on 1st gear; steering column gear-change with optional over-drive on top and 3rd gears from early1956; live (beam) rear axle with hypoid-bevel final drive.

Chassis: Independent front suspension, coil springs and wishbones. Cam and peg steering. Rear suspension by half-elliptic leaf springs and anti-roll bar. Front and rear drum brakes. 6.4015in tyres.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 8ft 7.75in; front track 4ft 3.5in; rear track 4ft 3.25in; length 15ft 2.25in; width 5ft 4in; height 5ft 3.75in. Unladen weight (approx.) 2,912lbs.

Typical performance: Maximum speed 86mph; 0-60mph 18.9sec; standing ¼ mile 21.0sec; overall fuel consumption 20mpg.

Price when introduced: £792 (standard)

£834 (de-luxe)

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