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The Austin A105 Six (BS5)

The A105 Six was a sportier version of the A90 with twin SU carburettors and a new gallery type manifold. This increased the engine output from 85bhp to 102bhp which increased the torque from 130lb/ft to 141lb/ft and was almost identical to the Austin-Healey 100 Six engine. 

The A105 came with a Borg-Warner overdrive as standard which operated on third and top gear and the suspension was lowered by 1 inch. The looks of the car were improved with special pant schemes and whit wall tyres. Extras such as fog and spot lamps, wing mirrors and extra chrome were standard.

Jack Sears, won the first annual British Saloon Car Championship with an A105 in 1958

Austin A105 Six Westminster Specification:

Produced: (approx.) 1000

Price when introduced: £1109

Length: 15.23 in; width 5.4in; height 5.3.8in. wheelbase 8ft.78in; front track 4ft.3.5in; reartrack 4ft 3.3in.

Engine: 2,6339cc 102bhp at 4,500rpm; Maximum torque 142lb/ft at 2,000rpm; Maximum speed 96mph.

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