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The Austin Cambridge/Westminster Car Club is a non-profit organisation and was founded in 1980 to accommodate owners and enthusiats of the pre-Farina Austin A40, A50, A55, A90, A95, A105; Farina Austin A55 Mk.II, A60, A99, A110 and all Morris Oxford, Wolseley, Riley and MG Magnette derivates plus the Austin 3-litre, Commercials, Estates and Caravenettes.

Although the club caters for such a wide range of models, it has been a success both nationally in Britain and internationally.

Model Number
Austin Cambridge A40/A50/A55 1954-59
Austin Cambridge A55/A60 1959-69
Morris Oxford Series V & VI 1959-71
M.G. Magnette III & IV 1959-68
Riley   4/68 & 4/72 1959-69
Wolseley   15/60 & 16/60 1958-71
Wolseley   6/99 & 6/110 1958-71
Austin Westminster A90/A95/A105 1954-59
Austin Westminster A99/A110 1959-68
Austin   3 litre 1968-71


We have the full approval of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

The main aim of the club is to help owners of the above vehicles to keep them in a roadworthy and original condition. Our quarterly newsletter “CROWW” provides a channel of information for spares and technical advice. Members are encouraged to write articles of interest and to take advantage of free advertising of items for sale or wanted. 


The Club is also known as CROWW for “Cambridge, Riley, Oxford, Wolseley & Westminster”.

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