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 ½ Ton Van and Pick Up (HV6 & HK6)

The new ½ ton van and pick-up was based on the Cambridge body styling and replaced the earlier A40 Somerset style. The A50 engine was used until 1963 when it was replaced by the 1622cc B-Series engine. The Austin badged vehicles were discontinued in 1971. After that they were sold as a Morris.

½ Ton Van & Pick-up Specification 1956-63:

As the A50 except:

Produced: (approx.) 124,000 to1971

Engine and Transmission: 1489cc; 47bhp at 4,100rpm; four-speed manual gearbox.

Chassis: length 168.75in; width 62.5in; height van 68.75in, pick-up 63.25in

Price when introduced: £577 

½ Ton Van & Pick-up 1963-73:

As above except:

Engine: 1622cc 

bore x stroke 76.2×88.9mm; 56bhp at 4,500rpm.

Weight: van 2253lbs, pick-up 2264lbs

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